69 Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

Biblical names hold significant historical, cultural, and religious value. They are often associated with virtues, stories, and characters that have shaped religious traditions and cultural history.

Their global recognition and timeless appeal ensure they remain relevant and respected across generations. They can embody spiritual significance and familial heritage, providing a profound sense of identity and belonging.

Here are 69 notable biblical baby girl names, along with their meanings and significance:

1. Abigail – “My father’s joy” 

   Abigail was the wise and beautiful wife of King David. She symbolizes wisdom and diplomacy.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

2. Ada – “Adornment” or “Beauty” 

   Ada is mentioned in Genesis as one of Lamech’s wives, signifying beauty.

3. Adah – “Ornament” 

   Another wife of Lamech, representing adornment and beauty.

4. Anna – “Grace” 

   A prophetess in the New Testament who recognized Jesus as the Messiah. She represents piety and devotion.

5. Atarah – “Crown” 

   A descendant of Judah, symbolizing royalty and honor.

6. Azubah – “Forsaken” 

   The mother of Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, whose name reflects a story of redemption.

7. Bathsheba – “Daughter of the oath” 

   Wife of King David and mother of Solomon. Her story highlights themes of repentance and forgiveness.

8. Bithiah – “Daughter of Yahweh” 

   An Egyptian princess who adopted Moses, showing compassion and faith.

9. Chavah (Eve) – “Life” or “Living” 

   The first woman, mother of all living, representing life and creation.

10. Deborah – “Bee” 

    A prophetess and judge in Israel, symbolizing leadership and courage.

11. Delilah – “Delicate” or “Weak” 

    Known for her relationship with Samson. Her story is a lesson in the consequences of betrayal.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

12. Dinah – “Judged” or “Vindicated” 

    The daughter of Jacob and Leah, her story underscores the themes of justice and family honor.

13. Elisheba (Elisabeth) – “God is my oath” 

    Mother of John the Baptist, representing faithfulness and devotion.

14. Esther – “Star” or from Persian “Myrtle” 

    A queen who saved her people from genocide, symbolizing bravery and divine providence.

15. Eunice – “Good victory” 

    Mother of Timothy, known for her faith and piety.

16. Hannah – “Grace” or “Favor” 

    The mother of Samuel, known for her devout prayer and dedication to God.

17. Huldah – “Weasel” or “Mole” 

    A prophetess who authenticated the book of the law found in the Temple, symbolizing wisdom.

18. Jael – “Mountain goat” 

    Known for her role in the defeat of Sisera, representing bravery and cunning.

19. Jemimah – “Dove” 

    One of Job’s daughters, signifying beauty and peace.

20. Jerusha – “Possession” or “Inheritance” 

    Mother of King Jotham, representing legacy and continuity.

21. Joanna – “God is gracious” 

    A follower of Jesus who helped support his ministry, showing devotion and service.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

22. Judith – “Woman of Judea” 

    Known for her heroism in the deuterocanonical Book of Judith, symbolizing courage and faith.

23. Keturah – “Incense” 

    Abraham’s wife after Sarah’s death, symbolizing a new beginning.

24. Keziah – “Cassia” (a spice) 

    Another of Job’s daughters, symbolizing fragrance and prosperity.

25. Leah – “Weary” or “Delicate” 

    Jacob’s first wife, representing endurance and motherhood.

26. Lois – “More desirable” 

    Grandmother of Timothy, noted for her faith.

27. Lydia – “From Lydia” (a region) 

    A businesswoman who was an early convert to Christianity, symbolizing hospitality and resourcefulness.

28. Martha – “Lady” or “Mistress” 

    Sister of Mary and Lazarus, known for her service and hospitality.

29. Mary – “Bitter” or “Beloved” 

    Mother of Jesus, symbolizing purity and devotion.

30. Michal – “Who is like God?” 

    Daughter of King Saul and wife of David, her story is one of love and tragedy.

31. Miriam – “Bitter” or “Rebellious” 

    Sister of Moses, known for her leadership and role in the Exodus.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

32. Naomi – “Pleasant” 

    Mother-in-law of Ruth, whose story is one of loyalty and redemption.

33. Orpah – “Back of the neck” or “Fawn” 

    Sister-in-law of Ruth, representing choices and family ties.

34. Peninnah – “Pearl” or “Precious stone” 

    The second wife of Elkanah, symbolizing rivalry and provocation.

35. Phoebe – “Bright” or “Shining” 

    A deaconess in the early church, representing service and faithfulness.

36. Priscilla – “Ancient” 

    An early Christian missionary, symbolizing partnership in ministry.

37. Rachel – “Ewe” 

    Wife of Jacob, representing beauty and belovedness.

38. Rebekah – “To tie” or “To bind” 

    Wife of Isaac, symbolizing faithfulness and hospitality.

39. Ruth – “Friend” or “Companion” 

    Known for her loyalty and faithfulness to Naomi, symbolizing devotion and kindness.

40. Salome – “Peace” 

    Mother of the apostles James and John, representing dedication and maternal care.

41. Sarah – “Princess” 

    Wife of Abraham, symbolizing laughter and motherhood of nations.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

42. Sarai – “My princess” 

    The original name of Sarah, before God changed it to Sarah.

43. Shiphrah – “Beautiful” 

    One of the Hebrew midwives who defied Pharaoh’s order to kill Hebrew boys, symbolizing bravery.

44. Susanna – “Lily” 

    A follower of Jesus, symbolizing purity and devotion.

45. Tabitha – “Gazelle” 

    Also known as Dorcas, a disciple known for her good works and acts of charity.

46. Tamar – “Palm tree” 

    Daughter-in-law of Judah, known for her perseverance and righteousness.

47. Vashti – “Beautiful” 

    Queen who refused the king’s command, symbolizing dignity and resistance.

48. Zipporah – “Bird” 

    Wife of Moses, representing support and partnership.

49. Ahlai – “O! would that!” 

    A minor biblical character, with her name reflecting an exclamation.

50. Apphia – “Fruitful” 

    A Christian woman mentioned in Philemon, symbolizing productivity in faith.

51. Ahinoam – “Brother of pleasantness” 

    Wife of King Saul and King David, representing grace.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

52. Ahlai – “O! would that!” 

    A minor biblical character, with her name reflecting an exclamation.

53. Athaliah – “The Lord is exalted” 

    Queen of Judah, known for her tumultuous reign.

54. Basemath – “Sweet-smelling” 

    Esau’s wife, symbolizing fragrance.

55. Ephrath – “Fruitful” 

    Another name for Bethlehem, representing fruitfulness.

56. Haggith – “Festive” 

    One of King David’s wives, mother of Adonijah.

57. Hammoleketh – “The queen” 

    Sister of Gilead, symbolizing royalty.

58. Hazzelelponi – “The shade-facing” 

    Mother of a valiant warrior in the tribe of Judah.

59. Hoglah – “Partridge” 

    One of Zelophehad’s daughters who demanded inheritance rights.

60. Idit – “Dew” 

    Mentioned in rabbinical literature, reflecting purity and renewal.

61. Iru – “City” 

    A descendant of Caleb, representing community and settlement.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

62. Ishah – “Woman” 

    A general term for women, used to denote femininity.

63. Jaala – “Wild goat” 

    Mentioned in Nehemiah, symbolizing agility and freedom.

64. Jecoliah – “Yahweh is able” 

    Mother of King Uzziah, symbolizing faith in God’s ability.

65. Jehudijah – “Praise of the Lord” 

    A wife of Ezra, representing worship.

66. Jochebed – “Yahweh is glory” 

    Mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, symbolizing faith and maternal strength.

Biblical Baby Girl Names with Real Meanings

67. Lo-Ruhamah – “Not pitied” 

    Daughter of Hosea, symbolizing divine judgment.

68. Maacah – “Oppression” 

    Name of several biblical women, symbolizing struggles and strength.

69. Mahalath – “Lyre” or “Harp”

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